Make the most of your NASPA membership: Access to our journals and publications

Whether you’re a current student studying higher education and student affairs or a professional at any level, an exciting benefit of NASPA membership is access to our scholarly journals and peer-reviewed publications. Did you know NASPA offers online access to five journals? Here is a preview of all of the journal publications that our members have access to, including archived articles and resources.

Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice

As NASPA’s longest-running publication with its first issue dating to 1963, the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice (JSARP) has provided student affairs and higher education professionals 54 years of research and practice that has showcased the work of professionals and educators.  The most recent issue of JSARP highlights issues on campus such as preparing students to be successful academically even if they enter college underprepared for the rigor of the college classroom,  the impact that the Indigenous Peoples Knowledge Community has had on being more visible in the student affairs and higher education space, as well as articles on the first-year experience, cocurricular programming, and more.

NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education

Nearly a decade old, this journal gives members a chance to learn about the impact that women have and are having in higher education as students, staff, and faculty. A variety of research on topics such as choices of women to become mothers while navigating their own academic careers, navigating the challenges of women of color at predominantly white women’s colleges, and women leaders empowering other women to take on leadership positions highlights just some of the most recent articles and research topics explored in this journal.  As the numbers of women in higher education increase—both in enrollment as students or women taking on more roles on college campuses—this journal addresses many questions and topics that are relevant to women in higher education today and provides space for thought-provoking topics.

Journal of College and Character

This professional journal serves to look at the ways in which colleges and universities provide space for students to engage in civic learning, justice, and morality. Through examining how students engage with their learning on campus by promoting civic learning and engagement, as well as moral and ethical issues that students and administrators encounter in and out of the college classroom, this journal is an essential tool for staff, faculty, and students alike. With articles that look at how students struggle with academic integrity or the intersection of sports and character building, this publication gives NASPA members working with any student population on campus the knowledge needed to build progressive programs for student success and new tools to engage students in civic learning. 

NASPA members also have access to two partner publications. The Community College Journal of Practice and Research not only provides readers with new methods and research relevant to staff working at or with community colleges, but it also brings in the voice of practitioners and faculty from around the world. From redesigning faculty promotion processes to the motivations for success in first-generation college students, NASPA member have access to more than 40 years of research and practice at the community-college level. This journal not only benefits staff and students at two-year institutions, but should be on the reading list of anyone at a traditional four-year institution who may encounter students transferring in from a community-college environment.

Finally, for a broader range of topics affecting higher education, professionals in the field, and students on campus, Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning should also be on your reading list. With online access to more than 49 volumes, you can find topics related to student success in STEM programs, faculty wants and needs, and the myth of the learning styles.

As a NASPA member, you have access to all five of these publications online, giving you unlimited resources to use and past research to rely on.  If you are not a current NASPA member, this is just one of many member benefits that await you.

So log in and get reading!  You never know if the next great program for your campus is waiting to be discovered between the pages of these journals.

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