Making the Most of Your NASPA Membership with Online Professional Learning

How often do you check your Facebook feed and see posts from someone attending a conference or seminar in a seemingly fabulous location and think, “I wish I had the funds to go to [name that conference].” There seems to be a never ending invitation list to a conference to help you gain new skill, insights and other qualifications to make you work smarter, not harder. But that learning doesn’t have to be limited to hotel conference halls – although getting those awesome swag items are a major bonus! 

Professional development and in-person meetings have a lot of value. The opportunity to network with your peers is invaluable and many find that meetings in person are more suited to their learning styles. The reality of budgets, however, forever looms in the back of your mind – or from that email from your supervisor that reads, “This is not in the budget for this year.” But don’t let that stop you or your team from utilizing all the resources that are available for you to better enhance the work you are doing for or with your students on campus. 

You may also be on a campus where online learning is required or available to your students. The cost savings are great, but the learning potential is even greater. Online education and professional development are many times self-paced or give viewers a chance to interact with presenters in a more meaningful way via chat or video conference than they might in a large event space. Using the online space not only provides cost-savings, but helps you and your team upskill their qualifications in a flexible learning environment.

NASPA’s Online Learning Community is open to everyone, and members get additional benefits to give them access to live briefings, short courses, and other online modules. Here are a few “Did you know?” points for you to think about as you settle into this new school year and start thinking about planning for the next:

  • If your school is an institutional member, talk to your voting delegate about the upgrades
  • Did you know that your institution can get a live briefings subscription with access to four live briefings or OnDemand modules? This is a great forum to gather a group, get answers to questions during the session, and to work with experts in the field from the comfort of your campus.
  • Did you know you can also get a professional development booster that gives an automatic discount to any staff member who is also a NASPA individual member in good standing? You’ll receive 15% off on any OnDemand, Live Briefing, Short Course, or Knowledge Community Modules. This discount is available throughout the institution’s current membership for as many online learning community events that you and your team want to attend!
  • We are celebrating our 100th Anniversary in Philadelphia, PA this year at our 2018 Annual Conference. We would love to have you there in person but time away from campus and travel can make it difficult for everyone to attend. But we can bring the Annual Conference to you with our Virtual Ticket! You can access sessions, re-watch them with your staff, and bring professional development to many people on your team.
  • Did you know we offer starter packs on Leadership and Management, Equity and Inclusion, Assessment and Evaluation, and Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention? These are self-paced modules, containing several individual sessions, and are excellent ways to refresh your knowledge, on-board new team members, or use as general training for your office.

So maybe it’s time to browse the catalog to see what can help you jumpstart that professional development to learn about a new area of student affairs or higher education. Or to just keep up with the 24-hour cycle of policy changes and news that affects those of us working on campus or in higher education. Take a moment to browse the internet in a meaningful way and see what possibilities are within your reach in the OLC.