Contribute to Our Upcoming Newsletter

We are currently accepting contributions of the following types/topics:

  • This I Believe
    This began as a feature in NPR in the 1950s. In every LKC newsletter, colegas will have the opportunity to write about what they believe--their core values that guide their work and lives.
  • Transitions
    In this issue of the LKC newsletter, we will be focusing on transitional issues of Latina/os in student affairs. This is an opportunity for colegas to reflect and talk about their experiences if they are starting their first position, pursuing their Master’s/Doctorate Degrees, or even a new position.
  • Professional Development
    Share with us some of the things that you have learned on the job/internship, at a conference, or about research that you conducting.
  • Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month Events
    This is an opportunity for colegas to share what their campuses are doing for Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month. This could be in the form of a flyer or pictures. Please include a description of the event.
  • News/Announcements
    Share good news with the LKC community at large. Tell us about awards and recognition you have earned, as well as any announcements.
  • Why I
    Tell us about why you joined the field of student affairs/higher education. Fill out the form here:

We don't have a fixed word count--use as many words as you need to communicate your story! Please send materials to Leonel Diaz Jr, and Rosa Hanco, Include a headshot and a 50- to 70-word bio with your submission.