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Be At the Intersection of Adults and Dreamers Feb. 2nd, Noon CST.

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January 28, 2018

Four times a year, The Adult Learners and Students with Children Knowledge Community holds a forum, in place of their regular business meeting, in which all active, inactive, semi-active, and outside the KC NASPA members are invited to take part. These forums are designed to bring topical discussions about the work we do especially in KCs devoted to equity and justice for students.

This month we will discuss the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act (DACA) and the growing confusion over the Country’s leadership and efforts to rescind DACA or to maintain it, and honor the promises made to Dreamers who revealed themselves, filed their I-821D, paid fees, and received permission to live, work and get educated in the United States.

Dreamers who qualified for consideration are aged 16 to 36 this year, and as much as 25% of them are enrolled in higher education. The average age of Dreamers is 24 years old, creating a large intersectionality of adult learners and Dreamers which will continue to grow as the population ages. Many DACA eligible workers are, and will be, seeking continued higher education in effort to build their resumes and continue to grow in white-collar occupations.

This Friday, February 2nd please feel free to join our call, led by José Marroquin, ALSC KC Region IV-East Representative and Director of Student Involvement at Roosevelt University, with support from our friends in the Latinx/a/o KC, simply open your lunch, close your office door, pick up the phone and dial 515-739-1015 at 12 Noon Central Standard Time. At the prompt enter the meeting by pressing 520-858-503. We look forward to hearing you there!


1-515-739-1015 MEETING ID 520-858-503

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