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Ali Moss

October 3, 2018

Can you believe it’s already October? I know many of us had a very busy August and September. It’s only right that we take some time to slow down this October to celebrate our profession. October is Careers in Student Affairs Month (CSAM), where we celebrate our careers, provide education and awareness about the profession, and engage with professional associations and peers in the field. Last year, during my first year of graduate school, I had the opportunity to participate in Careers in Student Affairs Month by attending webinars, reading blogs, and participating in the photo challenge. It was during this month that I became even more excited about becoming a professional in this field, and ultimately decided to get involved in NASPA as the Graduate Student Representative for IV-W.

Are you an undergraduate student considering a career in the field of student affairs? Are you a graduate student just beginning to work in the field? Are you a full-time professional in the field excited to continue learning about what other professionals are doing on their campuses? Careers in Student Affairs Month is for you! This year NASPA has an awesome lineup of ways for you to get involved. This year's CSAM theme is “Magnify Your Lens,” which aims to focus on the impact the profession has on students, colleagues, and communities.

During #CSAM2018, professional development opportunities include:

  • Free webcasts throughout the month on various topics in the field. The first two webcasts have already been published: A Student Life Response to Gun Violence presented by Dr. Katya Armistead on October 3, and The Current State of Student Affairs presented by Dr. Kevin Kruger and Dr. Penny Rue on October 10.
  • A blog series via the Student Affairs Collective (SAC), written by student affairs professionals from all levels.
  • A weekly #SAChat on Twitter every Thursday with professionals in various areas of student affairs.
  • A photo challenge with unique daily prompts to celebrate the student affairs profession and your own journey in the field. To participate, follow @naspapics and follow the prompt of the day. When posting, tag @naspapics and hashtag #CSAM18 and #CSAMphotochallenge.
  • 20% off the book Careers in Student Affairs: A Holistic Guide to Professional Development in Higher Education by using the code CSAM18 the entire month of October.

Do you want to get free registration for TPE by participating in Careers in Student Affairs Month?

NASPA IV-West is asking you to share your story of how you discovered your passion for student affairs on Facebook or Twitter while using the hashtags #CSAM4W and #NASPA4W. Post by October 24 at 11:59 pm to be considered for one of four free registrations to TPE Spring Onsite 2019, March 6-9 in Los Angeles, CA!

I hope you are as excited about the month as I am! I look forward to learning and growing beside you during CSAM and the IV-West Regional Conference later this month.

Learn more about Careers in Student Affairs Month, the daily photo challenge, and register for webinars here.

Ali Moss is a Graduate Resident Director at the University of Denver in her second year of the Masters in Higher Education program. She is excited to serve as the Graduate Student Representative for Region IV-W.

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