Developing Short-Term and Cost-Effective Cohort Based Career Development Programs

Myra Fernandez and Diana Valdivia

February 27, 2019

We are just 12 days away from seeing our NASPA community in Los Angeles, California. As you begin to plan your conference experience we invite you to join the Student Career Development Knowledge Community  for our various events and programs taking place during the #NASPA19 annual conference. Today, we are taking some time to highlight our first of three sponsored educational sessions of the 2019 NASPA Annual Conference. 

Developing Short-Term and Cost-Effective Cohort Based Career Development Programs Customized for Underrepresented Student Groups  

Monday, Mach 11, 2019, 8:00am – 8:50am, LA Convention Center, room 306 AB

Two student affairs professionals at different public research institutions will present this session. The presenters will share career development programs that can be customized and cost-effective for underrepresented student groups including undocumented students, transfer students, students of color, LGBTQ+ students, veteran students, foster youth and more. The presenters will highlight strategies and challenges in the implementation of career development programs, while acquiring tangible tools and resources that are inclusive of all students.

Myra Fernandez, M.S., Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs and Women in Engineering Admission and Student Affairs at the University of Southern California  would like to provide this advice as you prepare for your own journey, “Reflect on your current internal and external partnerships. Critically think about how you can leverage those partnerships to develop and sustain inclusive programs by hooking career development into the ecosystem.”

Diana Valdivia, M.Ed., Coordinator, Undocumented Student Services at UC Santa Barbara  provides us with this piece of advice prior to the conference, “When working with underrepresented students, it is essential to establish a strong partnership across campus to be able to collectively support students.”

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