Implementing a Career Readiness Framework Using Badging

Lynn Chisholm and Peter Thorsett

March 1, 2019

With just 10 days away from our time in LA at #NASPA19, we stop to take a look at our second KC sponsored educational session lead by University of South Florida's Lynn Chrisholm, Director of the Office of Internships and Career Readiness and Peter Thorsett, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Research. 

Chrisholm and Thorsett were recently awarded the SoACE Imaginative Spirit Award during the 2018 SoACE annual conference held December 2-5, 2018 in Atlanta, GA for their Career Readiness Badging program. 

Learn more about their #NASPA19 educational breakout session below:

As more academic and student affairs teams build career readiness programs to help their specific student populations, how do we help stundets connect these programs to life after graduation? How do we ensure they align with what employers need? The presenters will share how they implemented a career readiness badging framework, using the National Association of Colleges and Employers' Career Readiness Competencies. They'll also share strategies for building relationships across multiple campuses, leveraging existing and free technologies, and marketing to students and employers.  

As you continue to plan your conference experience, our presenters would like to share with you the following about their session, "Our presentation focuses on helping Student Affairs professionals more seamlessly connect their programs and free technology tools. We hope to provide our colleagues with a way to do more with what they already have."

We cant wait to see everyone in just 10 days in Los Angeles. 

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