KC Spotlight: Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs

Jessica Barraclough, SAPAA KC Representative

April 6, 2019

Partnering in Open Dialogue:

The executive order signed on March 21, 2019, protecting freedom of speech, has started conversation in some circles about Free Speech on college campus and the need for the executive order in the first place. Publicly funded colleges and universities are already mandated to uphold the 1st amendment, right? The question that some wonder is how do create space on our campuses where students, faculty and staff feel they have the ability to speak their opinion without potential negative repercussions. We often hear that we want good debate and strong rhetoric in our classrooms, but is this ideal really possible when power and privilege play a role? Then there is also the question of free speech verse hate speech and how our campuses are responding to these incidences. While the 1st amendment gives you the ability to speak your mind, it does not make you free from the potential consequences that your words might have on others. The challenge we have as educators is determining the best practices in the classroom and on our campuses to allow for inquiry and debate, which leads to strong learning.

What are you doing on your campuses? Who are you partnering with for strong dialogue and best practices? I would like to know… if you are willing to share some best practices in creating a more inclusive campus that supports the ideals of free speech, send me an email Jessica.barraclough@washburn.edu. I plan on gathering this information to then share out to the region. Thank you for sharing your good work to make a better experience for all students, faculty and staff.

KC Updates

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    • Promising Practices Award Selection Committee (7/16/2019)
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As always I look forward to sharing and engaging our region in promising practices that will support the success of our students in this ever changing campus climate, let me know if you are interested in being a part of the conversation.

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