NASPA Foundation Update

Jerrid Freeman and Mary Alice Serafini, NASPA IV-West Foundation Ambassadors

August 4, 2019

Thank you to all of our IV-West members and friends for your generosity during the 2018-2019 NASPA year!  We are thrilled to report that we exceeded our participation goal, nailing 104% of our  100 participant goal.  The net result was achieving 117% of our dollar gift goal for a total of $21,053.70 as of June 30, 2019. 

These gifts to the NASPA Foundation keep our organization vibrant and alive, supporting innovation grants, celebrating Pillars of the Profession, supporting undergraduate and graduate student endeavors, expanding our reach through Knowledge Community Special Interest Funds and much, much more.  You, our donors, have given in so many ways as we described last month.  Those who have given as of April are listed on the donor recognition NASPA website so take a look and congratulate yourself for being part of a magnificent effort.  Together, we are advancing our profession by providing support and recognition for the extraordinary accomplishments of our colleagues in Student Affairs. 

Your Foundation Ambassadors, Jerrid Freeman and Mary Alice Serafini challenge members of IV-West to meet our goals for this NASPA Year.  Our year of giving began July 1, 2019 and, of course, you should consider making your commitment and contribution to NASPA for this Foundation Year.  You can start now with your contributions and make this yet another positive year for NASPA IV-West.  Our NASPA IV-West goals for this year are 105 participants to reach $19,000 (or more). 

Thank you in advance for planning your contribution to the NASPA Foundation so that we, collectively, can support important programs, scholarships and research in the NASPA tradition!

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