New to the Research Grant Game? Test the Waters By Applying for the NASPA IV-W Research Grant

Amy N. Pennington, Research Coordinator

April 6, 2019

New to the Research Grant Game? Test the Waters By Applying for the NASPA IV-W Research Grant.

Do you have a program, special-interest course, or department that you want to assess but don’t have the funding necessary to see your creative or innovative ideas through? Is there a research need or interest that could produce data to support a critical funding proposal or help “tell the story” of a program’s positive impact on students? Are you reluctant to apply for a research grant because you have heard that the process if difficult and you feel inexperienced in this skill set? You are not alone! Consider testing the “grant writing” waters and strengthening your professional competencies by applying for the NASPA Region IV-W Research Grant.

NASPA IV-W is committed to supporting research in the region. Engaging in research enhances our work product and keeps our focus on data-driven decision making. Conducting and sharing good research makes us all better professionals. If you are a novice grant writer or even if you are seasoned in the art of submitting a successful application, this is a great opportunity to consider.  

As you stand at the edge of the diving board and peer into the pool, keep these tips for successful research grant applications in mind:

  • Read the application carefully. Think through what information will be required and prepare an outline to organize your thoughts.
  • Brainstorm your ideas. Add information to your outline highlighting the strong points of your research.
  • As you develop the project rationale, focus on why the research is important and articulate clear goals. Engaging in research advances your institutional objectives and contributes to the larger body of knowledge in the field of Student Affairs and higher education in general.
  • Communicate your excitement and passion for your work. Your energy can garner the attention of the reviewer and positively influence their decision to support your application.
  • Engage a campus colleague unfamiliar with your research interest for assistance in reading and providing you with feedback on the final draft of the application. This type of feedback is key in helping you identify gaps or confusing elements of the proposal.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you are not successful the first time. Writing successful grant applications is a skill and can be improved with practice. Even the best applications may be passed over during a competitive process.

It’s time to jump in with both feet, step out of your comfort zone, and get started! Applications are now being accepted for the 2018-2019 NASPA IV-W Research Grants. Members are invited to apply online at The maximum award amount is $500 total. Funds may be awarded to one or several research projects based upon a review of the applications. All research interests will be considered. Funds are to be used to support the costs associated with analyzing and collecting data. Applications will be reviewed by the Research Coordinator, Regional Director, SSAO Liaison, and the Assessment, Evaluation, & Research Knowledge Community Region Representative. Selected applicants may also have the opportunity to present their research findings at the 2019 Region IV-W Conference in October.

Please keep in mind that your generosity makes this opportunity possible. Thanks to the region's commitment to supporting the NASPA Foundation, Region IV-W receives funding to support research efforts. Thank you for your generosity! 

Applications are due by April 12, 2019. Questions? Please contact Amy Pennington, NASPA IV-W Research Coordinator, at or 479-968-0407.

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