Pursuing a Doctorate While Working Full-Time in Higher Education

Craig M. McGill, Carolyn Meeker, Sabrena O'Keefe, Emily Sandoval, and Jacques Zalma

March 4, 2019

As we enter the final 7 day count down, we are excited to highlight and share a little bit about our third KC sponsored educational session titled Pursuing a Doctorate While Working Full-Time in Higher Education: Things to Consider. This is a great session for those who are considering a doctoral program as well as for those who are currently in the doctoral journey.  Our presenters have their own individual story and path that took them from start to finish, and they cannot wait to share it with everyone. 

Fifty percent of doctoral students leave school without completing. Research focused on completers and noncompleters, faculty, and directors suggests that attrition is more closely related to the social structure and cultural organization of the programs than on students' characteristics. However, both personal and program characteristics impact student experiences. Learn from colleagues who work in academic advising, career counseling, leadership and services, and residence life as we discuss how our characteristics, advisors, and programs both supported and challenged us.

Joining us during this sessions are seasoned student affairs professionals who have also completed their doctoral degrees in the most recent years. 

  • Craig M. McGrillPostdoctorate Research Associate, University of South Dakota
  • Carolyn MeekerCareer Counselor, Academic & Career Success at Florida International University
  • Sabrena O'KeefeAssociate Director, Center for Leadership & Service at Florida International University
  • Emily SandovalSenior Director of Residential Life, University of  Southern California
  • Jacques Zalma, Assistant Director, Resident Conduct at University of California Los Angeles

One tip from Dr. O'keefe prior to the session on Tuesday, March 12th is "Misery loves company...if you are not in a formal cohort, create an informal cohort for support." Be sure to joing this stellar panel of Doctors and they provide us with many golden nuggets to take home and cosider regardless of where in the doctoral journey you may be. 

We can't wait to see everyone in just 10 days in Los Angeles. 

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