About Faculty Council

In December 2012 the NASPA Board of Directors approved a proposal to form a Division of/for faculty members, known as the Faculty Assembly which will be led by the Faculty Council. The NASPA Faculty Council is responsible for advising the NASPA Board and staff in regard to the faculty agenda of the Association. The Board keeps international issues in the foreground of the Association and assists with strategic issues around regional alignment/assignment, deployment of resources, partnerships, and strategic alliances.

An overview of the Faculty Council Initiatives can be found in the NASPA Faculty Assembly Policies and Procedures

  • History of the Faculty Council

    Faculty Fellows gathered for the 2012 Summer Summit over the course of three days in August, 2012. Throughout the meeting, they conferred with NASPA staff, specifically President Kevin Kruger, Vice President for Professional Development Stephanie Gordon, and Vice President for Research and Policy, Brian Sponsler. Early in the meeting, Kevin Kruger suggested creating a Faculty Division. The results of our dialogue are included in this proposal. We were encouraged by the responsiveness of the NASPA President, staff, and Board to the need for a central role for graduate preparation faculty as we together advance the future of our profession.

    The Faculty Fellows culled the information in this proposal from several documents: the minutes of the Summer Summit provided by NASPA, Fellows’ individual notes, notes of the brainstorm for the Faculty Division Assembly, and the NASPA 2011 Faculty Survey. In addition, we considered a proposal for a Faculty Knowledge Community. The writers of that proposal were consulted on this report.

  • Faculty Council Initiatives and Activities
    Faculty council initatives and activities are located here.
  • Faculty Council Board Reports
  • How to Get Involved

    NASPA encourages all people who identify as faculty in student affairs and higher education programs to be involved with activities in the Faculty Division. To provide some context about NASPA’s Faculty Division, the Faculty Assembly is the body of NASPA that is open to any person who identified on their NASPA profile as a faculty member. Faculty may include tenure-track, non-tenure track, clinical, adjunct and special faculty. In other words, NASPA uses a very broad definition of the term faculty.  The Faculty Assembly meets once a year at the annual conference. The Faculty Council (FC) is the leadership team for the Faculty Assembly. For those interested in leadership opportunities they may consider applying for one of the member-at-large positions that open each year on the Faculty Council (FC). Please watch for the call for applicants in the fall and follow the directions to submit an application. The FC has a sub-committee who then reviews these applications against the needs of the FC and makes recommendations to the FC for approval. In addition, people who are interested in serving on the FC can apply to be a regional representative. There are seven regions in NASPA. The faculty person would need to contact their Regional Director to express interest in being considered for this position to represent the region on the FC. Typically, regional directors work in concert with the Chair of the FC to determine this representation so that both parties’ goals are met.

    Want to get involved but not sure how? Complete the NASPA Faculty Assembly Involvement/Engagement Survey