Who We Are

Regions provide an opportunity for NASPA members to connect with each other on a local level that’s unique to the organization. We take this responsibility seriously at Region IV-West and strive to continually develop new ways to grow our members with new professional development opportunities, strengthen the bonds between our institution members, and use our unique geographical perspective to address our local issues.

  • Territory
    Region IV-West encompasses the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming; and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
  • History
    Region IV-West has a long history of wonderful leadership and has built a professional legacy that propels us forward faster into the future because of where we have been. Check back frequently, as we will be adding new categories and of course we are always moving forward, learning and growing.
  • History of the IV-West Gavel

    Chester "Chet" Peters from Kansas State University carved the Region IV-West gavel. Chet retired from Kansas State in 1985 as the Vice President for Student Affairs after 38 years of service to students on that campus. He was the first Region IV-West Vice President, 1967 - 1968. He also served as the President of NASPA from 1971 - 1972.

    Like his passion for creating a better environment for students at K-State, Chet also had a passion for wood carving. Like the students with whom he worked, each piece of wood with which he worked was unique. His wood sculptures and carvings are on display throughout the Kansas State campus.

    Region IV-West is honored to have this uniquely carved gavel as the "official" gavel for each regional leader to cherish for their two-year term. For many years, Chet also carved a unique gavel for each incoming NASPA President from a piece of wood special to that President.

    Dr. Peters will be remembered for being student-centered, compassionate, moral and highly respected. Students and staff members were moved by his warmth, gentle humor and caring attitude. His ability to extend an understanding of the real meaning of goodness as a human quality is his legacy to learning.

    Chet Peters will long be remembered as the "father" of Region IV-West, and we have this gavel as constant appreciation of the leadership that he gave to NASPA.

  • Region IV-West Conference History and Future Locations *

    Year        Location

    2029        South Dakota

    2028        Arkansas**

    2027        Kansas

    2026        Colorado

    2025        North Dakota

    2024        Missouri

    2023        Nebraska

    2022        New Mexico

    2021       Oklahoma

    2020       Chicago, Illinois 

    2019       Fargo, North Dakota 

    2018       Wichita, KS

    2017      Lincoln, NE

    2016      St. Louis, MO

    2015      Beaver Creek, CO

    2014      Albuquerque, NM

    2013      Hot Springs, AR

    2012      Rapid City, SD

    2011      Denver, CO

    2010      Omaha, NE

    2009      Santa Fe, NM

    2008      Tulsa, OK

    2007      Little Rock, AR

    2006      Breckenridge, CO

    2005      Kansas City, MO

    2004      Fargo, ND

    2003      Santa Fe, NM

    2002      Kansas City, MO

    2001      Oklahoma City, OK

    2000      Jackson Hole, WY

    1999      Omaha, NE

    1998      Wichita, KS

    1997      Albuquerque, NM

    1996      Hot Springs, AR

    1995      Rapid City, SD

    1994      Aspen, CO

    1993      Lincoln, NE

    1992      Tulsa, OK

    1991      Fargo, ND

    1990      Beaver Creek, CO

    1989      Kansas City, MO

    1988      Las Cruces, NM

    1987      St. Louis, MO

    1986      Denver, CO

    1985      Omaha, NE

    1984      Afton, OK

    1983      Kansas City, MO

    1982      Denver, CO

    1981      Albuquerque, NM

    1980      Wichita, KS

    1979      Omaha, NE

    1978      Tulsa, OK

    1977      Albuquerque, NM

    1976      Denver, CO

    1975      Osage Beach, MO

    1974      Osage Beach, MO

    1973      Osage Beach, MO

    1972      Lake of the Ozarks

    1971      Kansas City, MO

    1970      Kansas City, MO

    *  Travel to Wyoming will be evaluated in 2027 to determine if need / membership exists to host a conference.  Currently, travel to Canada is not included due to low active membership & the inability for many US members to travel internationally.

    * This rotation was voted upon by the Region IV-W Board at the fall conference, 2017. Rotation may be adjusted by Board action to add joint conference location, remove states with newly enacted state inequity legislation, or other rationale that may make travel to a location in this order challenging.

Region IV-West Golden Shoe Award Recipients

2016     Ryan "No Pain-No Gain" Lahne

2015      Dan "The Man" Mabery

2014      Sara "Gotta Do It" Mata

2013      Dusten "Show Me the Money" Crichton

2012      Tisa "The Brick Mason" Mason

2011      Earl "You Got It" Doman

2010      Kristen "Techno Goddess" Abell 

2009      Lori "Asking Hard Questions" Reesor

2008      Dr. Jody "Will Do Anything" Donovan

2007      Ruth "#1 Hostorian" Stoner

2006      Alex "Quietest FUnd Raiser in the West" Gonzalez

2004      Chris "Giving Her All" Linder 

2003      Eric "Stepping UP Membership" Grospitch

2002      Renee "Show Me the Money" Arnett

2001      Becky "Bob Jones" Barker

Retirees Territory

2014 - 2015

  • James Banning, Professor and Former Vice President for Student Affairs, Colorado State University
  • John C. Cernech, Vice President for Student Life, Creighton University
  • Jack Donahue, Director of Dining Services, North Dakota State University
  • James Griesen, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Emeritus, Professor, Educational Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Kate Haugen, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, North Dakota State University
  • Prakash Mathew, Vice President for Student Affairs, North Dakota State University           
  • Dr. Roger Sorochty, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services, University of Tulsa


  • Richard E. Hoover, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Department of Educational Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Marie Romano, Administrative Assistant in the Dean of Students Office, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • Ruth Stoner, Senior Budget and Personnel Administrator, University of Kansas
  • Kathryn Nemeth Tuttle, Ph.D., Associate Vice Provost, University of Kansas
  • Sue Spooner, Associate and Full Professor, University of Northern Colorado 


  • Dorothy Knoll, Ph.D., Dean of Students, University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Mary Friedrichs, Director of the Office of Victim Assistance, University of Colorado at Boulder


  • Don Aripoli, Director of Student Affairs Development & Emeritus Vice President for Student Affairs, Missouri State University
  • Jan Brandow, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Ronald E. Wisner (In Memoriam), Dean of Students (Emeritus), University of Colorado at Colorado Springs 
  • Margaret May "Peggy" Elder (In Memoriam), Vice President of Student Affairs (Emertia), New Mexico State University 

  • Region IV-West Regional Directors History
    Term Years Name Institution
    2016-18 Jerrid P. Freeman, Ph.D. Northeastern State University
    2014-16 W. Wayne Young, Jr., Ph.D. Creighton University
    2012-14 Timothy Alvarez, Ph.D. University of Nebraska–Lincoln
    2010-12 Eric Grospitch, Ph.D. University of Missouri-Kansas City
    2008-10 Christine Schneikart-Luebbe Wichita State University
    2006-08 Cheryl Lovell, Ph.D. University of Denver
    2004-06 Prakash Mathew, Ph.D. North Dakota State University
    2002-04 Diana Doyle, Ph.D. Western Nebraska Community College
    1999-02 Lori Reesor, Ph.D. Wichita State University
    1999-99 Barb Snyder Univeristy of Nebraska-Kearney
    1998-99 Karl Beeler University of Missouri-St. Louis
    1995-98 Vicki Triponey Wichita State University
    1994-95 Nancy Scott University of Northern Colorado
    1992-94 Rick Artman Nebraska Wesleyan University
    1990-92 Suzanne Gordon University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
    1988-90 Ron Beer Oklahoma State University
    1986-88 Caryl Smith University of Kansas
    1984-86 David Meabon Wichita State University
    1982-84 Peggy Elder New Mexico State University
    1980-82 Lynn Cupkie
    1979-80 Karen Glaser University of New Mexico
    1978-79 Rich Hoover, Ph.D. University of Missouri-Kansas City
    1976-78 Jim VanderLind University of Tulsa
    1974-76 Lyle Gohn University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
    1972-74 Bill Jellison Fort Hays State University
    1970-72 Jim Rhatigan, Ph.D. Wichita State University
    1968-70 Ted Oppelt
    1967-68 Chet Peters Kansas State University
    **1967 - Region IV-West and Region IV-East split to become two regions