Financial Assistance


The NASPA IV-W Travel Assistance Application allows IV-W Advisory Board members to request funding to assist in costs associated with traveling to Regional and National NASPA events. Board members who do not have institutional support will receive first consideration in funding because their attendance is required as part of the expectations of their position. 

Awarding priority is as follows for members of the advisory board:

  1. Need
  2. Professional Development Opportunity
  3. Benefit to the Region

You will be expected to work with a regional representative to coordinate direct payment for travel related expenses. Please be mindful of the deadlines to ensure consideration for your request. 


NASPA Region IV-W is excited to continue our support for a Critical Conversations, Spring Event. For campuses and individuals that are seeking support (up to $1700) to provide an on-campus professional development opportunity, the critical conversations committee seeks proposals for a Critical Conversations Spring Event. The committee will review proposals and select a group of finalists to bring to the advisory board for selection. Applications are due September 30, 2019 and notification of the program selected will be in November!

This opportunity allows the members of the region to provide direction on pressing issues they would like to discuss. The spring event would be an in-person professional development opportunity and we look forward to working with our region to offer a great opportunity.

Members are invited to apply online at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScexQFSJxzNozNJHCQaBGynNESEm6Nj_96AbePF6n5MDfXSyA/viewform


NASPA IV-W is committed to supporting research in the region. Applications are now being accepted for the NASPA IV-W 2018-2019 Research Grants. Members are invited to apply online at http://apps.naspa.org/cfp/evt_frm_user.cfm?event_id=1133.

Thanks to the region's commitment to supporting the NASPA Foundation, Region IV-W has received funding to support research efforts. Thank you for your generosity! If you haven't donated to the Foundation yet, please consider making a donation today! 

Applications will be reviewed by the Research Coordinator, Regional Director, SSAO Liaison, and the Assessment, Evaluation, & Research Knowledge Community Region Representative. Funds may be awarded to one or several research projects based upon a review of the applications. 

Questions? Please contact Amy Pennington, NASPA IV-W Research Coordinator, at apennington@atu.edu or 479-968-0407.

Student Affairs Graduate Programs in NASPA Region IV-W

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