The reach of campus communities now extends well beyond campus gates, and higher education now works within a global framework. NASPA’ globalism efforts encourage members, both here and abroad, to expand thinking around students and practitioners as global citizens. This focus area aggregates what Knowledge Communities, NASPA events, and writing and research opportunities that will strengthen your knowledge base in this area. NASPA provides ample opportunities for involvement and support which enables growth and understanding in the student affairs and services profession.

Constituent Groups


Initiatives & Awards

NASPA's continues to expand internationally through various initiatives.

International Student Affairs Study tour
Biennial international tour to study student affairs and services in other countries.
NASPA International Symposium
Yearly 1.5 day pre-conference workshop that proceed NASPA's annual conference.
NASPA International Student Services Institute
NASPA International Student Services Institute logo
NISSI is a dynamic, comprehensive professional development program to provide student service staff with competencies.
Global Learning Consulting Services
Global Learning Consulting Services logo
Keeling & Associates (K&A) has partnered with NASPA-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education to provide Global Learning Consulting

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